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No Parents, No Problem

Have you tired from seeing those mother’s day posts? Do you find yourself rolling your eyes at every father’s day BBQ ad? Well keep those eyes still and relax, because this is the post for you. For the one’s that don’t yet understand, let me break it down. Not all have the two for one deal. Some were born this way, others lost it along the way. So in light of recent holidays, here is a quick guide into making those days your day.


That’s right folx. For those skipping father’s day this year, think of all that green you save up. Instead of buying the stereotypical George Foreman grill, you can use those George Washington’s to cash in on that sweet sweater deal available only at Goodwill. Who knew not having a dad could be so fashionable!

Tidbit 2: Treat Yo self.

Missing out on mother’s day brunch yet again? Don’t fret about it! There’s nothing better than taking yourself out for that morning mimosa. Better yet, if you have a sibling, share the moment with them! Orange juice and champagne has never tasted better than with a blood relative.

Tidbit 3: Convince a friend’s family to adopt you for a day.

You heard me. Tag along on your friend’s celebration if you feel so inclined. As an expert in this field, I have had many opportunities to celebrate with the parents of those I am close with. They not only appreciate it, but your friend will be also grateful for the help! Make sure to hand over the adoption papers though at the right time. Always before gravy but after the wine.

Tidbit 4: Simply don’t give a damn.

Sometimes flying the bird and putting on your shades is the best option. Need I further explain?

With all humor aside, the absence of one’s parent(s) is never an easy feat. Some days you are on top the world. Others you are scraping the bottom of the bucket. Frustration, hatred, confusion, bitterness. Even as the world spins, yours remains still. It’s one rollercoaster that never ends, and between you and me, one I wish I could get off of.

Even in the unfair reality that this is, it’s one that some not only need, but must learn to live with. Shit happens. There is no escape from that. But don’t forget, even when you feel you have nothing, there’s something. I may not have my dad, but I have the memories of him. The tiniest things that make me, me, are what will always connect us. And even if you don’t have that, think of what you do. From friends to the neighborhood pet, a reason to laugh and love always exists.

It sucks and will always suck. So as these holidays come and go this year, remember that you are not alone. We may be a community of trainwrecks and disasters, but we’re a community nonetheless. Hurt if you need to. Laugh if you’d like. We understand, and always will.

Your inadequate misfit,
Shelby Barnes, A&E Editor

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