Softball Falls Short of Tourney Win, but Has Reason to Celebrate



Redhawks softball took on back-to- back teams in the WAC tournament, leading to multiple close games and an unprecedented spot for the program.


Seattle U’s opponent in the semifinals was Utah Valley, who opened the game with an early lead. After the Redhawks’ run in the first inning, the Wolverines responded by scoring three times at the end of the second. Seattle quickly matched the score with runs from Sara Dominguez and Jessica Flanagan and proceeded to score in fourth to take the lead.

After a standoff in the fifth inning, the Redhawks extended their lead in the sixth by two more points, bringing the score to 6-3. Seattle U closed out the game with another 2 run inning, which Utah Valley tried to respond to at the bottom seventh, but could not close the gap.

The next day, Seattle went up against the New Mexico State Aggies in a game for the chance to make it to the WAC Championship. After a slow start for both teams, the score was tied at 1-1 at the bottom of the second. New Mexico began to take the lead in the mid-game, and while both contenders went back and forth, the score was 3-2 at the top of the fifth.

The Redhawks opened their inning at bat with a double off the first pitch, followed by a bunt single. The team capitalized on these with some stolen bases and more solid hits, putting Seattle U at a decisive 5-3 lead. Both teams scored a run in the sixth inning, while the seventh passed without event, giving the Redhawks the win.

The importance of this game cannot be overstated, as it was this victory that allowed Seattle U to move on to the finals. Though the program has had strong performances in the past, including a semifinals finish last year,

this is the first time the Redhawks have been able to compete for the title. The following game against the Aggies got off to a rocky start with New Mexico taking a 4-0 lead against Seattle. Not to be outdone, Seattle U replied with an impressive six-run inning, putting them at the advantage. After a brief period of respite that tied up the score, the Aggies once again went on the offensive with 5 runs at the bottom of the third, which was closely followed by Seattle at the top of the fourth. After the blistering back-and-forth Seattle had come out with a three-point lead, which was narrowly beat by New Mexico in their last inning.

Seattle unfortunately lost its momentum in their final match and lost 10-0. Though the Redhawks did not walk home with the title, they made a major improvement from last season and should consider the season a success.

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