Mariners Keeping Heads above Water amid Injuries




The Seattle Mariners have stumbled to an 18-21 record to start the 2017 baseball season. Injuries and bad luck have marred what looked to be a hopeful season for Mariners fans looking for them to break their 15- year postseason drought.


Jean Segura admires his hit.

Now, there isn’t reason for all out panic—at least at the moment. They are nine games back in the American League West, which is a big barrier to jump, but it is still so early in the baseball season that they have time. Every team, every season, has periods where they are losing a lot and winning a lot. With 162 games to play, the baseball season is so long that it is impossible to keep up a high level of play the whole year. They are also playing in a division that has teams which usually fluctuate, both during the season and year to year.

The Mariners currently have 11 players on the disabled list, including four of their five starters from the Opening Day roster. Despite this, they are not playing terribly. They just need to keep their heads above water until they can get back some of their guys. They have split their last 10 games, going 5-5, which could be enough to hold them over for now.

They have had enough success with their bats that the pitching hasn’t been a primary need. New acquisition, shortstop Jean Segura, has paid off so far, with a .370/.409/.513 slash line. His batting average currently leads the American League. He has provided some stability and quality defense at the position as well.

Just ask Dexter Fowler and the 2016 Chicago Cubs, wins come easier when your leadoff guy can get on base, and that is just what Segura has been doing at an excellent clip. With Robinson Cano serving a brief stint on the disabled list, Nelson Cruz has stepped up in the middle of the order. He is batting .319 with nine home runs and 33 runs batted in on the season. His 33 RBIs lead the American League as well.

They have a good chance to gain some ground in the next two series. Coming off a four-game sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays, they play the Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox, neither of which have done too well this season. This is their chance to gain some momentum heading into series against the Nationals, Red Sox and Rockies, all of whom are doing well this season.

If they can weather the storm until their pitchers come back, they should be in a good position.

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