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May I Be Wrong

“It’s a girl.” The first words spoken the moment I entered this world. Wrapped in a pink blanket and place into my mother’s arms, already had I been condemned to the life that society would want me to live by.

This isn’t the introduction to my memoir. I promise you I’m not a middle aged woman who went to India or climbed a dirt trail to “find myself.” Not that I’m opposed to Reese Witherspoon playing me, but my movie would read more like “Finding Myself Walking From Work to Class Because Who the Hell Has Time For That?”

This is about being a woman, and those that represent us, If you’ve followed the news, which I’m weary of due to the lack of hashtags from fellow media friends, you would know about the Trump and Trudeau meeting. The two leaders came together to discuss a variety of topics, one being about women in the workforce, where Ivanka Trump was present and provided “insight”.

This. Is. Bull.

Before Sean Spicer runs me over with a podium or Steve Bannon punches me with his eye bags, hear me out. This is not a political stance. Not even tea with Elizabeth Warren could entice me to call this so. I’m just a nasty woman with some nasty thoughts.

Ivanka Trump is not the appropriate figure to represent the women of the United States. Though this may sound harsh, it is not to invalidate her opinion as a woman. But given that she supports an administration that vocally dehumanizes women and proposes policies that strip us of our given rights, this is an individual I can’t stand behind. This doesn’t fail to mention that Ivanka, given her social status and privileged rights, doesn’t represent a majority of women in the working force of the United States.

There is one thing I hope from all this, and it is that I’m wrong. I not only ask, but welcome the challenge of Ivanka to prove me wrong. Not often do I accept defeat, but in this case, I will make an exception.

Shelby Barnes, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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    Paige Reohr
    Feb 28, 2017 at 9:13 pm

    I love this very much. It’s a nice read and you are wonderful