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Time Out Session: Alexis Montgomery Thrives in Her Senior Year


Alexis Montgomery, senior communications studies major and wing for the Seattle University women’s basketball team, is the latest player to be named Conference Player of the Week. Though the women’s team had something of a difficult start to this season, Montgomery has been hitting her stride all throughout, having overcome the injury that kept her from playing in the 2015-2016 season.


Alexis Montgomery (No. 24) was named WAC’s Player of the Week after she recorded her fifth double-double of the season.

Q: What was it like to be recognized as Conference Player of the Week?

AM: To get Conference Player of the Week your team needs to win, so that was a team effort there. I owe it to my team and my coaches for knowing when and where to set me up. All those people playing hard against me in practice prepares me for things that I might face in a game, so it’s more of a team award even if it was just awarded to one person.

Q: How do you think the season has gone for you and the team?

AM: We started off kind of rocky, but I think a lot of it was getting used to each other, which was our new players, new staff and a different type of play. But I think we’ve learned to pick up each other’s tendencies and what we like to do on offense so I think it’s advancing in a positive way.

Q: How was your experience returning to the team after your injury?

AM: Coming back was interesting since I was coming back to a new staff, I wasn’t coming back to the people I got the injury with. They were not with me when the injury happened; it was kind of nice because they didn’t expect for me to play any differently from how I had played in the past. It worked out in my favor a bit to come back to a fresh start.

Q: What are some of the challenges you and the team have overcome this season?

AM: I think the biggest challenge for us was at the start of the season, when we had worked really hard off- season, then coming in and losing to some teams I think we should have won against. But we just kept working and working and now it’s paying off. I guess we struggled a little bit but we worked hard and it’s paid off.

Q: Which opponents do you think you’ll have to prepare for the most?

AM: Every WAC game is super important to us from now on. We were ranked 7th in pre-season and I think that every game is an opportunity to prove ourselves and prove that we should not have been ranked where we were. Each game is important no matter who we play.

Q: Any shout-outs for someone that has been having a good season so far?

AM: Obviously Kaylee Best, shout-out to her. She’s been working super hard as always. Some of our freshmen have really stepped up, for example Kamira Sanders has picked up her role and ran with it, and has been doing really well for us. Claire Metoyer is our solid point guard and Jacinta Beckley came in from the bench to start and has been really helpful in scoring and getting our team going in WAC play.

Q: What are some of your goals after graduation?

AM: I really like marketing in general but I think the biggest overall goal of mine is to always stay around sports and I feel like that would be a way to do that. I also like traveling, so hopefully that will all play into what my future career will be.

Q: What do you enjoy doing to relax after basketball and your classes?

AM: I love going to different restaurants and eating a lot of different types of food, I love traveling and then just Netflix and hanging out, nothing too crazy. It’s just nice to remove yourself from basketball sometimes and just do what you did before you started playing.

Montgomery and the rest of the team have five games left in the season before the WAC championships, the last three of which will be home games at the Connolly Complex. To get caught up on the results for this season, get tickets for the remaining games and also learn more about the players, visit http://www.goseattleu. com.

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