The Congress Kerfuffle

C-SPAN: all the cool kids are doing it. With a reputation as boring and honest as what it stands for—Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network—it has taken an act of congress to get me and my fellow students interested and far more informed.

The kind of dramatic, fantastically critical cross-examinations you’d pay top dollar to see in the movies is currently playing out in the United States Congress. Trust me, you have never seen reality television like this.

One week brought an inquisition regarding obstruction of justice, questionable legal immunity and improper practice of FBI Director James Comey. Another week saw the interrogation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, head of the Department of Justice, in which she could not give a straight answer to countless simple legal questions.

A panel of CIA members sat, unable to justify the loss of nearly 1 million taxpayer dollars to someone who wasn’t even one of their agents. Queries surrounding Benghazi, the American people, and even national security are rampant, leading to resignations and further inquiries in all governmental departments. There are always “Oh-S#!%” and mic-drop moments.

One congressman in particular, Trey Gowdy, is a true American badass. If I got to choose a presidential nominee it would be him. Reigning champ of the congressional mic-drop, if you are being questioned by him, your career may well be over. I strongly urge you to find him on YouTube.

Which brings me finally to my point. Everyone these days is weighing in on politics, but it seems few have heard of our nation’s top officials getting “wrecked” in hearings and the happenings in congress? Do YOU know what is happening in one of the three major branches of government?

I leave you with a quip I appreciate; Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is why I make sure that mine is an educated one.