The Week in Review

Michael Bennett Won’t Hold Out—

Michael Bennett told 710 ESPN Seattle’s “Brock and Salk” show on Tuesday that he will be reporting to training camp. Speculation swirled that Bennett, who has made it known that he is unhappy with his contract, would potentially hold out unless he got a new deal. “Why wouldn’t I be at training camp?” Bennett said. “Of course I’ll be there. I’ll see you there for sure.” “Any American wants to get paid more at their job,” Bennett said. “I don’t think there’s anybody that goes to work and says: ‘Hey, I’m happy with how much I’m getting paid, and I love it. Don’t give me any more money.’ So that’s how I feel too.”

Seattle to Spend $615k on Traffic Technology—

The Seattle Department of Transportation and the technology firm Siemens say they have reached an agreement that will help Seattle improve traffic flow in the event of freeway backups, a viaduct crash or sports related traffic.
According to Siemens, the new system will be called Concert and should be up and running by July. It will be installed at the traffic-control center in the Seattle Municipal Tower. The city will be able to import external data like highway vehicle volumes from the Washington State Department of Transportation and Concert will react by giving longer green lights to city streets near highway exits. While this isn’t the highly anticipated “adaptive signal timing” that changes each intersections green light patterns on a minute-by-minute basis Concert will allow adaptive signals down the line.

Clinton Wins Kentucky, Sanders Wins Oregon—

After a hotly contested primary, Hillary Clinton won the Kentucky Democratic Primary. With the win, Clinton maintains her lead over Sanders and her status as the favorite candidate for the democratic nomination. The margin of Clinton’s win, however, was razor thin and has forced further conversation concerning her ability to unite the Democratic Party against Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. Sanders, however, responded by winning the Oregon primary. This victory will help keep Sanders’ campaign relevant moving into the California primaries. While it is unlikely Sanders will win the nomination, he has stated his intention to run until the last vote is cast.

Turkey on the Loose in the Seattle Streets—

A turkey was spotted roaming the sidewalks of the West Seattle neighborhood last week, with several people claiming to have seen the bird and snapping photos. It would appear that the bird has moved, as it was apparently spotted in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood on the corner of Ohio Ave S. and East Marginal Way. Don Baxter, of Seattle’s Animal Control, told the West Seattle Blog that the elusive bird was also spotted around Spokane Street and the West Seattle Bridge but they have not yet made contact with the bird.