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Photo Courtesy of Paramount

When it comes to sequels, Hollywood is trying every trick up their sleeves to create one that leaves a lasting impression. Possibly due to its huge cult following, the male model inspired comedy Zoolander was not immune to the Hollywood sequel treatment. Garnering tons of money for production and a worldwide guerrilla marketing campaign to bring on more hype, Zoolander 2 is a movie that Hollywood refuses to let you miss.

Photo Courtesy of Paramount
Photo Courtesy of Paramount

Zoolander 2 picks up 15 years after the conclusion of the first film with Derek Zoolander living his life as a “hermit crab” in snowy upstate New Jersey. Ben Stiller reprises his role as the simple male model who is really, really, really good looking. Backing Stiller is the same all star cast from the original Zoolander, including Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. The story is simple enough; Zoolander embarks on a journey to get his son back from child services by working as a model again.

As a movie that spends its time making fun of everything in pop culture, the film is surprisingly self realized. The story itself wasn’t very interesting but seeing characters who are dangerously stupid work out ridiculous problems proves to be rather enjoyable. Many of the jokes were shamelessly longer than any normal person would write, repeating punchline after punchline for what seems like five minutes straight, or Zoolander just saying the wrong word for the situation, i.e. living life as a “hermit crab.”

To say the production value of this sequel was over the top would be an understatement. With scenes taking place in beautiful international settings and a gratuitous amount of cameos, this movie will leave you in awe for one reason or another. Everyone from show business appears in this film even if it’s just for a small two line bit that’s been shoehorned into the scene. Benedict Cumberbatch, Penélope Cruz, Ariana Grande, Kiefer Sutherland, Fred Armisen and Katy Perry all make guest appearances. Even Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson stops in to tell the male models how insignificant their existence is within the context of the universe.

While the film spends a lot of time teetering on the boring side, there were funny moments to fill the gaps. Will Ferrell’s return as Mugatu is as epic and hilarious as anyone could imagine. Plus, Justin Bieber dies in the opening scene taking a duck face selfie, so that right there is practically worth the price of admission.

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