Boozy Bike Cafe Opens Doors on Jefferson


Cam Peters • The Spectator

Cam Peters • The Spectator
Cam Peters • The Spectator

Peloton’s tool rack.

Peloton screams Seattle.

From its floorboards to ceiling tiles, everything about Peloton says Seattle. Not in the slow driving, eco-friendly, tech savvy, passive aggressive sense—Peloton is Seattle the same way Archie McPhee’s or The EMP Museum are Seattle. But what makes Peloton special is that, at it’s heart, it isn’t even trying to be.

Peloton Cafe and Bike Shop is a new coffee shop and bike repair shop located right next door to Nate’s Wings and Waffles on 13th and Jefferson. Bringing a menu of coffee, baked goods, beers and sandwiches, as well as bike tune-ups and repairs, Peloton is a friendly, fast and delicious place to visit during your daily race.

There’s something to eat for every time of day; whether you need a quick bite to eat and a latte on your morning commute or a squash panini with butternut squash, spinach, mozzarella and almond pesto for your lunch break. The prices are all reasonable at $10 a meal, $4 for a coffee drink and beers at about $6 a pop.

The coffee is roasted locally, produced by Slate Coffee Roasters and brewed with care and expertise. My mocha was the perfect temperature to drink while I watched the bike polo on the projector screen and read my newspaper.

The owners who spent countless nights burning the midnight oil to finish their labor of love constructed Peloton by hand. Parking is always free in front (as long as you are riding your bike of course). The rack can hold over a dozen bikes and I can imagine the Seattle University Bike Team would have no problem stopping here for a rest on their weekly rides.

In their mission statement, owners Aaron Grant, Mackenzie Hart, Dustin Riggs and Paul Danos describe the cafe as the “product of serendipity.” So what does serendipity combined with passion for bicycles bring to the central district?

Well, Peloton of course. Peloton in the bike world refers to the main pack of riders in a bike race. It’s not the person in front making record time, and it’s not the caboose, the peloton is the pack.

Cam Peters • The Spectator
Cam Peters • The Spectator

A customer brings his bike inside the new shop.

The whole point of a peloton is to reduce drag by riding together, thus saving energy and allowing you to ride further. Yes, it’s a race, but without the “ducks fly together” mentality, nobody would finish, and that’s what the cafe all about.

Serendipity usually means a “pleasant surprise” or moments of unexpected relevance—moments in which you find yourself looking for something and you find something else different, but pleasant.
When the head chef of The London Plane in Pioneer Square, a Navy veteran turned master bike mechanic and two experts in all things bicycle combine forces, it’s only natural to expect something great. They deliver a rich experience to everyone who enters the doors of their cafe.

Peloton does its best to support local artisans with a locally sourced menu. Bringing coffee, beer and baked goods from local masters like Slate Coffee Roasters, Sugar Bakery and Standard Brewing together into one comfortable inviting space. So after you run their kegs dry you can just hop on your bike and ride down to the Standard Brewing tasting room half a mile away to continue the fun.

The only downside of Peloton cafe is the size of the seating area inside. During my visit, I sat at the bar and had plenty of space to myself; but, the cafe quickly filled up with regulars and new visitors alike and space quickly filled up.

With Riggs tinkering away on a bike, and Hart creating works of art in the kitchen, Peloton has an environment where you can not only enjoy some delicious food and have professional services done on your bike, but you can also sit down and feel at home enough to get something done.

They have an extensive menu of bike services that you can get done in the shop, which is conveniently located next to the barista counter. The entire list available for reference online on their website.

Everyone is busy, but they are also friendly and welcoming, which is something that’s hard to find in the heart of the city. Peloton is here to reduce the drag of your everyday race and it does—it’s exactly what you need. Stopping by for a drink at breakfast or staying for lunch and a tune-up, Peloton is a great place to visit.

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