Listen to This: LCD Sound System

When I saw LCD Soundsystem play a hypnotizing set at an Austin music festival in 2011, I—and everyone else in the crowd—was under the impression that it would be one of their last shows. The band had said earlier that year that they would permanently part ways following the tour for their 2010 album, “This Is Happening.”

But five years later, they’ve changed their minds. James Murphy, LCD’s singer and primary songwriter, announced about a month ago that the band will release a new album in 2016, complete with a world tour.

A single called “Christmas Will Break Your Heart,” released on Dec. 25, is the first new music the band has put out since 2010. The song is simple but affecting, and clearly recalls the band’s earlier work.

LCD Soundsystem is one of my all-time favorites for a few simple reasons. Their songs—a blend of electronica and dance-punk—are incredibly catchy, the lyrical content ranges from nonsensical to hilarious and the sound quality is outstanding. By that I mean that even with an overwhelmingly electronic sound, Murphy’s vocals are never lost in the production; his clear, almost theatrical voice is what makes the band unique to their genre.

Personal favorite tracks include “Dance Yrself Clean” (wait for the 3-minute mark for it to really get going), “Someone Great” and “I Can Change.”

I’m not suggesting that this band needs introduction; their fanbase is gigantic and will no doubt grow with the release of this new album. But if you weren’t listening before the breakup, now is the perfect time to start.