Asking For a Friend

Hey Fam!

Welcome to Asking for a Friend! It’s your new guidance counselor Carlos Rodriguez here and I’ve been working hard trying to revamp this section so please invite your friends.

I’m really bad at introductions but here’s the basic gist of who I am. I am currently a junior studying Public Affairs (recently switched from cell and molecular biology which was probably for the best) and I come from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a big fan of ocean critters like whales and sea turtles, but also enjoy our friendly neighborhood rat friends.

I hope that you can all find some guidance though this column so please feel free to submit any questions you may have or better, questions your friends may have. I’ll be sure to use my extensive knowledge and experience to help you through your shenanigans, although I can’t guarantee it’ll be the best advice. Hope to hear from y’all soon!


Anonymous: If my boyfriend and I broke up a week ago when is an appropriate amount of time to wait before hitting up his cool single uncle I met once??


Probably not anytime soon. You might want to wait some time so things don’t get weird. What if your ex saw you with his uncle at a family gathering? Talk about awkward. However, you did break up with your boyfriend for a reason (I’m assuming) and you are clearly thinking about his cool AND single uncle. Just give it some time and I’m sure you can figure out a way to make that relationship work, or not.


Anonymous: What do I do if I accidentally bought Tinder plus for the whole year but I might get into a relationship before then and then waste many months of Tinder plus? is it more cost effective to break it off with any
potential relationships???


Depending on how much you spent on it, it might actually be more cost effective to break it off with potential relationships. The other option could be to have a conversation about keeping with whomever you do get into a relationship with. In my opinion, you should probably just keep it since you did pay for it after all and who knows, you might find your one true love using it. How does one accidentally buy Tinder Plus anyways? Asking for a friend.

XOXO Uncle Carlos

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