Listen To This: TVOtR

One of my favorite voices in music today belongs to Tunde Adebimpe, frontman of the Brooklyn-based rock band TV On the Radio. I started listening to the band in 2008 after the release of “Dear Science,” an album that completely blew my mind and continues to do so every time I go back to it.

Though “Dear Science” is the clear work of genius in their catalog, every album they’ve made has pushed the boundaries of their genre in one way or another; their latest release, “Seeds” (2014), is no exception. Over time their songs have become more refined and less gritty, but the band is impressively consistent in terms of originality. TVOtR is so detail-oriented that it’s difficult to pinpoint each element that makes their music great, but an obvious one is the strength of Adebimpe’s vocals.

It’s never an inappropriate time to recommend TVOtR, but there is a reason I’m doing so this week. Adebimpe is also one-third of a supergroup called The Nevermen (alongside Faith No More’s Mike Patton and rapper Doseone) who just came out with the first single from their debut album, set to be released on Jan. 29. The song is called “Tough Towns,” and it’s a strange blend of their three sounds that has quickly grown on me.

The Nevermen started recording in 2008 with the vow never to rush the music-making process. This first single, they said, is dedicated to “anyone remotely young, feeling inexplicably inspired in the ‘nowhere’ they are from. May you soon escape with style into elsewhere.” Nice.

My last note: if you only listen to one TVOtR song, make it “Dancing Choose.”