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Time Out Session: Martina Samadan


    Senior sports and exercise science major Martina Samadan came to Seattle University after spending her freshman year at Virginia Commonwealth University. Following the coaching staff from VCU, Samadan wanted to use the opportunity of transferring to get a better education and continue her volleyball career and has been loving her time here.


    Martina Samadan

    “It’s been great, people are nice, professors are understanding of being an athlete and especially when every other week we miss two or three classes a week, people are always willing to help,” Samadan Said.

    Samadan’s senior year has been an exciting one. She has been awarded her third WAC Player of the Week Award since September. She attributes her success to her hard work.

    “Hard work pays off and it motivates me to continue pushing myself,” Samadan said.

    Adapting to school in the U.S. came with many challenges and Samadan explained that taking classes in a different language was the most difficult part.

    “When I first came here my english was not nearly as good as it is now,” Samandan said. Although it was difficult to adjust, Samadan said that learning from her mistakes was pivotal to her success in both school and volleyball. “I was afraid of making mistakes, and at some point you have to start making mistakes in order to get better.”

    When she isn’t practicing for her next game Martina enjoys watching Netflix, especially horror movies.

    Samadan said her love of the game is what keeps her on the court.

    “I don’t see myself doing anything else,” Samadan said.

    Upon graduation Samadan hopes to become a volleyball coach and continue her passion.

    “The love of the sport that I have is greater than anything else that I have experienced in my life, so I keep doing it.”

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