D1 Improv Leaves Audience in Stitches After Halloween Show


Erik Thorne kills it with his joke during a game of pun inspired murder scenarios. The other members of D1 Improv look on in horror.

D1 Improv, formerly the Broadway Rejects, is one of Seattle University’s best known and most loved student groups on campus, has met the new academic year with an unrivaled sense of humor. At their first performance of the year, titled “Hellaween,” the troupe thoroughly entertained their audience. Three new performers made their debuts with the group, providing appropriately hysterical acts to an following that has grown since the group’s last show. The group has already earned acclaim both inside and outside of the Seattle U community, having garnered accolades from “Seattle Weekly” and “the New York Times,” as well as the Best Student Organization Award in 2013. Pictures from the “Hellaween” show can be seen here. Needless to say, the show was “hella good.”

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