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Oscar Watch with Scott

Here we are, back for another week of Oscar fun! There is a lot of good stuff out, and plenty more to come. As I said last week, a lot of these will be just trying to catch up to what has already been released, and I am about two weeks behind. This week we have two movies, “The Walk” and “Bridge of Spies.” Both very interesting in their own regards, but will they be major players in the race?

“The Walk”:

This is a weird one. While it has opened to pretty positive reviews—and if you’ve read my review, you will know that I absolutely loved it—it might not have the buzz to carry it all the way to the Oscar race. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a big long-shot for Best Actor, and the only other thing I could foresee this being up for is cinematography, its beautiful score by Alan Silvestri, and special effects (the actual “walk” scene is absolutely tremendous and unforgettable as you stand up there on top of the Twin Towers looking down and out across the city.) Other than that, there isn’t much it could be up for despite it being—in my opinion—a really great movie.

“Bridge of Spies”:

I am still unsure of what I feel about Bridge of Spies. It is a meticulously crafted, beautifully shot, and wonderfully acted film. Its one major issue, though, is its story. It is close to two-and-a-half hours long, and it acts like it is two movies in one. The first half deals with just getting the Russian spy set free to be traded. The second half is getting the actual trade going. It could have used a lot of editing since these scenes mostly have a lot of political, lawyerly talk that goes over the heads of most people.

It’s funny, though, because by the end there is a huge sense of satisfaction, and it actually makes the movie feel worthwhile. Tom Hanks is excellent, and he will be nominated over anything else in the film mainly because the Academy loves him. Other than that, cinematography, set design, and possibly even directing since the Academy loves Spielberg.

I think two movies a week is going to be our norm, I have a word limit I need to stick to which doesn’t allow too much ranting (which is probably better for you.)

Anyway, thanks for checking in!

Happy Watching!

Coming soon…”Steve Jobs”, “Crimson Peak”, “The Intern”, and “Beasts of No Nation.”

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