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Seattle U Student Radio Entering a New Era

    Cam Peters • The Spectator

    KXSU is blossoming. There may not be any cracking voices or hair emerging in new places, but Seattle University’s student run radio station is growing up; and fast.

    Cam Peters • The Spectator
    Cam Peters • The Spectator

    KXSU brodcasts locally on 102.1 FM, or online at

    Formerly KSUB, KXSU is undergoing some dramatic changes. KXSU is Seattle U’s student run radio station. Until this point, the radio station could primarily be heard only online. Now that the station has an official FCC license, however, KXSU is becoming a low power FM station. This means the station will be able to broadcast to more of the Seattle community via the airwaves.

    As the radio station grows and expands, so does the opportunity for student involvement and community engagement.

    Joe Manuel, Seattle U junior and Promotions Director of KXSU, describes the transition from KSUB to KXSU as comparable to reaching adolescence.

    “We are in our tweens. We’re in this awkward stage right now…We are developing into our teenage life where we are going to discover what we want to do,” Manuel said.

    When KXSU officially transitions to the FM dial, each broadcast will extend 3 to 5 miles, perhaps as far as West Seattle. With the official FM radio status, KXSU will be entertaining a wider variety of Seattleites for the first time since the station was founded in the 1990s.

    Cam Peters • The Spectator
    Cam Peters • The Spectator

    A full CD shelf inside the music library.

    Randy Scott is the Station Manager at KXSU and has overseen the integration of FM and online broadcasting.

    “Before [KXSU] was primarily targeted at students and just the campus. Now, we’re not just serving the campus, we’re also serving the listening audience outside of the campus,” Scott said.

    Part of the new mission of KXSU, which is currently being re-written, is to serve the local community by being socially engaged and aware. In the radio community, this is known as being “hyper-local” and KXSU intends to serve the local community as a whole.

    Transitioning to low-power FM also comes with a host of technical changes.

    For instance, this change requires the installation of a tower, which is located on the roof of Campion. In addition, the granting of an FCC license means that everyone involved will have to
    become familiar with FCC rules and regulations.

    Cam Peters • The Spectator
    Cam Peters • The Spectator

    Bella Pham, the host of the show Sugar Rush.

    Emily Lord is a Seattle U senior who serves as the General Manager of KXSU. Her position is pivotal during this time of transition and she is excited about the changes going on at

    “There’s a lot of possibility now as far as what we can do with this move to low power FM,” Lord said.
    Lord, Scott and Manuel also emphasized the unique importance of student involvement at KXSU.

    Disc jockeys are encouraged to host a variety of shows, ranging from music, to sports, to public affairs.

    “This is a great opportunity to get students involved with the Capitol Hill community, or the greater Seattle area,” Manuel said. Because KXSU is almost entirely student run, there is plenty of opportunity for students to get involved. New DJs are hired every quarter and all students are eligible to apply for those positions.

    “We really look at this as more of an internship. I want students to be able to leave here and be able to walk into any radio station in the world,” Scott said.The official launch date of KXSU
    is Jan. 15. KXSU will be hosting a launch party with live music, special guests and more.

    Until then, KXSU will continue hosting live shows in the KXSU lounge, located in the basement of Campion.

    There are a wide variety of (mostly) local bands and artists, representative of all genres that will look to liven up the Campion basement with their music.

    On Friday, Oct. 23, Lettrs will be playing a free show in the KXSU lounge and all students are welcome and encouraged to join. You can also visit KXSU online at their Facebook page, or at KXSU will be launching a new website in the near future.

    Come Jan. 15, listeners will be able to hear KXSU on the dial at 102.1 FM.

    The Editor may be reached at [email protected]

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