Bistro: It’s Not Me, It’s You

Gone are the days of the Bistro that I have learned to love. As a freshman, I frequented the dining area for late-night mac-n-cheese, BLTTs, and the infamous Redhawk Burger. The next year, I got hooked on the Baja pizza (a pizza covered in steak and guac, yum) as well as the artichoke dip with cheesy bread—I’m really into pizza and pizza related things, what can I say?

This year, I heard whispers about a decrease in menu options and was disappointed upon my first visit to the cheestro, to find just that. Instead of finding my previous favorites, a menu titled taqueria crumpled my heart and threw it to the ground.

In disbelief, I questioned the cashier about some of my favorites and received the answer: “they now serve that at Cherry Street, which now closes at 8!”–as if that was enough.

While this may be a sufficient answer for some students, there are many of us who do not have the luxury to wait in line for what seems like centuries nor to eat dinner at what we commonly perceive as an acceptable hour.

Our campus has lacked late-night options since I was first enrolled, and prospects seem to be getting slimmer by the year. Out of obligation to give the new menu items a try, I tried to order a chicken burrito—only to find out they were out of chicken. So I settled on roasted vegetables, and it was sub-par.

Bistro, I am afraid that we must break up. The only thing you have going for you as of now is the specialty drinks and sweets.
Good riddance love, it’s been fun.

–Coco Decker, Lead Designer