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Frozen Yogurt’s Chilling Return to Capitol Hill

    Located at the old Yogurtland location on Broadway on Capitol Hill, Refresh Frozen Desserts is more than just a new frozen yogurt establishment. Refresh creates a space that resembles the familiar motif of frozen yogurt but still has its own unique charm. This family owned and operated business nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill boasts a large selection of flavors and a seemingly endless amount of toppings to choose from. With a graffiti-inspired custom wall mural and showcasing a local artist’s paintings, Refresh offers its customers a different look at what a frozen yogurt experience should be.

    With a menu that boasts over a dozen different flavors; sorbet, custard, gelato, italian ice and twisted combinations of all of the above, Refresh is bound to have something for everyone. Upon entering the shop customers are welcomed by info graphics explaining everything you need to know about how to froyo.

    Refresh also features a classic Italian dessert on its menu, the Affogato. What’s an Affogato? As the menu describes, “An Affogato is an Italian dessert originally made with espresso poured over gelato.” Simply add two shots of espresso to any soft serve of your choice to get the full Affogato experience.

    As their sign says, “Serve Yo Self!” Customers start by picking a flavor, which is far easier said than done with all of the options from which customers have to choose. I found myself sampling almost every flavor along the wall before I could make up my mind simply because they all sounded so good.

    The flavors are the real heroes at Refresh. Each available flavor combines with another to create another even more blissful treat. Some of the featured flavor combinations were Tahitian Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Chip twisting together to make a Mint Chocolate Milkshake flavor, White Chocolate Mousse and Jamocha fusing into a White Mocha Freeze and finally Red Raspberry and Belgian Cookie gelato that make a rich Raspberry Streusel flavor when twisted.

    I ultimately decided to keep it simple and went with the Tropical sorbet, which was fruity and light with just the right amount of tartness. My companion opted for the Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel yogurt and Pistachio Dulce de Leche gelato. Both were exceptionally creamy and rich, which is not always the case when it comes to more decadent froyo flavors.

    The next step is to choose your toppings. I chose lychee boba, raspberries and green tea mochi. Other possible additions include the expected fresh strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, mango and pineapple as well as some more unusual options such as adzuki beans, or—as they are more commonly known—red beans, and lychee. For those with more of a sweet tooth, Refresh offers several flavors of popping boba, which are essentially tiny balls of juice that explode in your mouth.

    The topping bar also features several breakfast cereals, assorted chocolate candy and gummies, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, and cheesecake bites; there is definitely something for everyone. Oh, and don’t forget the caramel or chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

    Once you’ve finished piling on those tasty toppings, all that’s left is to pay for your creation. At only 49 cents per ounce, when it came time to checkout, I found myself regretting my decision to only get one flavor of yogurt. For an additional $1.25 you can make it an Affogato.

    With its prime location in the middle of Capitol Hill and passion for local art, Refresh is also a great stop on the Capitol Hill Art Walk.

    The Refresh experience is one that will keep you coming back to see what other new things the space has to offer. Five stars for Refresh!

    Jarrod may be reached at [email protected]

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