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Editorial: Trendy Transport

    Whether you’re walking, running, rolling or hovering, traversing campus has never seen so much variety. Although Seattle University is just about fifty acres in size, when walking around my thoughts always drift to efficiency of travel.

    So many factors are involved when choosing modes of transport. How fast can I get there? What route am I taking? How sweaty will I be when I arrive? Am I even up for walking to class? Then again, the social implications of a certain type of transport often outweigh their practicality.

    When it comes to Heely’s; yes, they were the greatest innovation of the early 2000s — followed only by YouTube, Apple’s iPod and the Prius—but can you ride them through college without ridicule? If the answer is yes consider me a turncoat.

    Using bicycles to navigate our small campus seems like overkill, but when one compares it to the electric “commuter-vehicles” that are gaining popularity, a bicycle seems more acceptable. Don’t get me wrong—these gadgets are cool with their auto-stabilization and speeds of up to 20 mph; truly a feat of engineering for $800 (give or take $300).

    I just know that seeing someone riding one through a grocery store or crossing Seattle U promptly reminds me of Disney- Pixar’s “Wall-E” with the eliminationof walking and the deterioration of humanity.

    Personally, I choose to utilize the geography of Seattle U to my advantage.

    The upper-mall is conducive to long-boarding, as the journey northward has a slight downhill grade. The hills as well as flat-ish straightaways of campus are for prime unicycling, with the quad being an exceptional arena. And if you are versed in parkour, you will certainly recognize nearly all of campus as your playground.

    Regardless of your ability level or expendable income, people still manage to make it to class by some means, often on time. To that I say; keep calm and transport on Seattle U.

    —Chris Salsbury, Copy Chief

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