Yes, My Hair Is Purple. Get Over It.

Have you ever asked a woman why she cut her hair short or why she dyed it a particular color? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then as a woman with indigo hair, I implore you—please stop.

When I am asked why I dyed my hair this bold hue, people often seem disappointed when I respond that it was “just for fun” and that I think the color is a flattering on me. It’s almost as if they wanted a more elaborate explanation or some sort of tragic backstory.

It makes me wonder why some think it is okay to speculate about women’s choices about their bodies, including their hair. Misconceptions about women basing all their decisions on external influence—such as the stereotype many women chop off their locks after a breakup as a symbol of starting over—are widely accepted. Too often, my male friends believe these ideas, and many of my female friends have experienced others making assumptions about them after changes in appearance.

With the proliferation of clickbait articles telling women what men like best in a partner and what should be worn on a date, there is a widespread belief that women make choices to satisfy other people, rather than for their own aesthetic preferences.

Regardless of whether some women change their hair or wardrobe, or anything about themselves after a dramatic experience, a woman’s choices about her appearance are not up for your speculation.

My body, my choice. Hair included.