Congratulations 2015 Student Award Winners

The entire Spectator staff would like to extend our profound congratulations and gratitude to the following students and organizations, all of whom have gone above and beyond to embody the mission and values of Seattle University and make our school a better place. This year’s award winners are:

The Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen Award
Ames Fowler
Daniel J. Hsieh

Distinguished Graduates
Robin Curry
G.G. Flint
Lauren Pusich
Nguyen Tran

The Mission Award for Care
Olivia Parker

The Mission Award for Academic Excellence
Germe Anthony Ambion

The Mission Award for Diversity
Meredith Guido

The Mission Award for Faith
Maya Lall

The Mission Award for Justice
Delaney Piper
Yessenia Medrano-Vossler

The Mission Award for Leadership
Soda Fall

Saint Peter Faber Integrity Award
Josh Bell

The Spirit of Seattle U
Ashley Castaneda
Nick Chock
Jonah Imee Talavera

Outstanding Organization
Triangle Club