Time Out Sessions with Gus Arroyo


Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator

Junior Gus Arroyo ran his way into the Seattle University record books earlier this month by completing the 5000 meter in San Francisco with a time of 14:37.94.

Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator
Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator

Arroyo has had an impressive year with the team and now looks ahead to the WAC Outdoor Championships coming up in May. After three years at Seattle U, Arroyo has come a long way and is still getting faster.

“I came in here being a pretty bad runner and I didn’t realize how bad I was until I came here,” Arroyo said. “Knowing there were people above me to really push me was good. If you put in the work, put in the hours and commit to something, you get results.”

In the classroom, Arroyo is a sports and exercise science major with a minor in biology. He hopes to remain on the west coast for graduate school to study biomechanics or human physiology. But before that happens, he will get to have one more season with the Redhawks.

“[Breaking the record] made me think that I am fast now and I am still only a junior so that’s exciting,” Arroyo said. “I want to win a WAC championship and break more records and leave a legacy behind.”

Before attending Seattle U, Arroyo grew up in Mexico City and moved to the United States when he was 10. Before he started running, he enjoyed skateboarding. But after injuring himself a couple of times, he decided to give running a shot. Ever since then he has continued to improve and get faster. Arroyo hopes to keep running as a part of his life, even after graduation.

“I know that a lot of people stop after college, but why would I want to stop here?” Arroyo said. “I’m the fastest I’ve ever been, so I want to keep going.”

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