Time Out Sessions with Mandie Sugita


Photo Courtesy of John Aronson

Kangroos, shrimp on the barbie—oh, and a summer of professional softball in Australia­—are in senior pitcher Mandie Sugita’s near future. But first she will be finishing up her last season for the Redhawks.

Photo Courtesy of John Aronson
Photo Courtesy of John Aronson

So far this season, Sugita is leading the team in earned run average, wins, innings pitched and opponents’ batting average. She has also pitched nine complete games including one shutout. It has been an impressive year for her, especially considering that she missed most of last season with a shoulder injury. She had surgery in November.

“Getting into this year was a little rough and intimidating,” Sugita said. “But my shoulder feels awesome and I have had more confidence than I had in the past. Personally I have felt really good about this year.”

Sugita began playing softball when she was about eight years old growing up in Southern California. Despite needing to adjust to the rainy weather, she has played softball during all four of her years at Seattle U.

“I really love the authenticity of this program,” Sugita said. “[The school] is so small and I know all of the other coaches and players here.”

When she is not out on the diamond, Sugita is studying strategic communications and is looking to have a professional career in interior design, possibly even starting her own company.

“Highlights of my experience have been just getting to play all over and getting to tell people I am a part of this program,” Sugita said. “It feels good to be a part of something that is bigger than myself.”

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