Winter Fashion


Alyssa Brandt • The Spectator

Alyssa Brandt • The Spectator
Alyssa Brandt • The Spectator
1. Mountain Chic

You don’t have to go all the way to Mt. Rainier to conquer this trend; just channel your outdoorsy persona. Slip on this season’s latest hiking boots, pair them with a sleek down jacket, and you’ll be climbing your way to the top of the fashion pyramid. Colorful wool sweaters and snug mittens are all fair game. An added bonus? This trend will help you trek to classes through the winter chill nice and warm.

2. Heeled Booties

These boots weren’t made just for walking—they were meant for strutting! Walk like royalty as you tower over everyone else in these hot shoes. They’re the epitome of sophistication without the off-putting intimidation and formality of actual heels. Pair them with jeans cuffed right above the ankle or tights and a twirly dress to turn heads. Remember, the bigger the heel, the better.

3. Pretty in Plaid

Whether it wraps you up in a soft scarf or fits you snugly in a flirty skirt, this season plaid is making a huge comeback. This old school trend remains classic and ever-so-innocent. Dress it up or keep it casual—the possibilities are endless! Maybe even watch “Clueless” for more inspiration—Cher Horowitz could teach you a thing or two.

4. Peeking Socks

Have the usual winter accessories of beanies and scarves left you cold and uninspired? Add the unique touch of peeking socks and your outfit will instantly revamp its cute factor. Don them with knee-high boots and let the lace edging peek out over the top, or grab a pair with button detailing to trail down to your ballet-slippered feet. Trendy and adorable!

5. Black and White

It’s as simple as black and white. Literally. Say so long to the struggle of color coordinating, and hello to the elegance and refinement of a combo that’s lasted through the ages. Exude finesse in a pristine white blouse and rich black pencil skirt, or sashay in the ever classic black and white stripes. There’s a lot of room here for daring eye makeup and gorgeous lip shades.

6. Rockin’ the Denim

The resurgence of an old favorite is continuing to captivate and dominate the style scene this winter. While the jeans on our legs now range from gray to floral print, the denim jacket has remained its tried and true blue, securing a place as a classic staple of any wardrobe. Pair it with almost anything to make what you’re wearing effortlessly stylish. This laid-back layer only gets better with time.

7. Maroon Wild

Looking for the perfect color to spice up the drab neutral hues of your wardrobe? Search no further, because this year maroon is bigger than ever. Make any one piece the star in your outfit and you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd. Be bold with a maroon jacket or form-fitting pants, or take the more subtle approach and let your jewelry do the talking. Inspired on a Friday? Then you’ve simultaneously checked stylish and school-spirited right off the list!

8. Military Khaki Trench Coats

Commanding General meets fashionista in this collected combo of confidence and style. This year designers are bringing back a treasured coat with a few new twists. Opt for some leather detailing to edge on some sexiness, or add fur trimmings to cozy up for the chilly nights ahead. Everyone else is bound to fall in line and take their style cues from you.

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