Letter To The Editor

Dear Spectator Staff,

While I appreciate your mentioning that Seattle University has passed a fair trade resolution in the Dec. 3 Spectator issue, it is just that, a resolution. That resolution entails a list of requirements that SU has completed. If you read the resolution you’ll find that Seattle U must have a minimum of two fair trade products at each of their eateries on campus. All of our eateries already sold two fair trade products before the resolution was passed. What I’m trying to say is that nothing has changed besides that Global Business Club will now receive money from Fair Trade USA to host at least two events per academic term promoting fair trade, which is a change. We have not come closer to living up to our mission. We have stayed the same and passed a resolution for it to appear as though we are pushing ourselves to promote social justice. Seattle U “becoming fair trade” is just not fully true, we’ve always been as fair trade as we are now. What’s changed is the access to resources that Global Business Club will now have to promote fair trade.
Furthermore, please note that fair trade means a lot more than just coffee. Unfortunately, to me, The Spectator is playing right into the reservations I had about the university passing this resolution, that we talk the talk of social justice and rarely walk the walk. And when we do, it’s either not properly noticed, or it becomes a totem pole of SU, that it’s plastered everywhere and marketed to promote the university. Don’t make fair trade like Seattle U makes the few solar panels we have on campus, that apparently we’re about green energy. Yet the amount of panels we have on campus only supplies 3% of our energy, but always a emphasized focal point for prospective students touring campus.

Kristen Wieliczka