Students Prepare for Murdock Conference


Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator

Next weekend, hundreds of student and faculty researchers from Northwest private colleges and universities will gather in Vancouver, Wash. for the 23rd Annual Murdock College Science Research Conference. This conference is a chance for students to share their research with fellow students as well as the greater collegiate science community.

Seattle University is sending nearly two dozen students and faculty members to the conference, and has sent student presenters to the conference in the past. The student projects include a broad scope of subjects ranging from cell and molecular biology to organic chemistry.

In addition to offering students an opportunity to practice presenting their research, this conference offers a keynote speaker and various informational sessions about graduate school and research opportunities beyond undergraduate projects.

“The Murdock Charitable Trust has been supporting undergraduate research in predominant teaching universities,” said associate professor of physics Joanne Hughes. “I just think it’s a very important thing for future researchers to start with undergraduate research early so that they get publications and that they understand what it is to be a research scientist before they embark on the long graduate career.”

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News editor Alaina Bever is involved in the Murdock Conference.