Editorial: Supporting Life Means Giving Women a Choice

Student mothers. Pregnant co-eds. Imagine going through school while a tiny human develops in your uterus.

Feminists for Life, an organization which aims to provide resources that serve as an alternative to terminating pregnancies to women, has been working to educate and enable schools to give extra support to student mothers.

Their central goal is reasonable, noble, and most importantly, fights the stigma against nontraditional parenting. They hope to ease the complexities of balancing work, school, and children, and have resources for those who are financially challenged or victims of abuse.

However, the organization misses important points. The tenets skirt around the issue of contraception, and are blatantly against abortion of any kind, even if done in a safe and legal environment.

This seems a little contradictory. They strive to give women the freedom and resources to start a family while completing their education, but at the same time do not seem to accept the idea that many women don’t wish to have children at all. Of course, adoption is an option, but the energy and time it takes to go through gestation (not to mention childbirth) can greatly inhibit normal functioning for someone who doesn’t wish to go through the process.

Feminists for Life have great ideas and great goals, but there is no reason why these ideas should not coexist with the option of a safe, legal abortion.

Alyssa Brandt, Lead Designer