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New App Helps Students Make the Most of Seattle U

    While it might be a stretch to say that college will be the best years of your life, the years that students spend in college are certainly filled with experiences that will leave a
    lasting memory.

    To help students make the most out of their time at Seattle University, the office of Student Development launched the Redhawk Experience 2.0. The Redhawk Experience is a platform designed to give students a way to more effectively engage in life at Seattle U by taking advantage of the events and opportunities provided to them, including clubs, athletics, academic support and more.

    The Redhawk Experience was created last year but received some negative feedback, especially from transfer students because it emphasized what can be done in four years at Seattle U. The new model is driven by the Redhawk Bucket List, a minor aspect of last year’s version, which consists of a number of items that students can achieve during their time at Seattle U whether they entered as a freshman or transferred in later.

    “I am really enthusiastic about this because there are definitely things I haven’t done as an SU student and this will allow me to fully use the resources that are available on campus in a fun way,” said senior and Redhawk Experience Outreach team member Madison Silver.

    The office of Student Development will be looking for feedback on the new program as they hope to get the entire student body involved.

    “This was designed intentionally to speak to all types of student experiences,” said G.G. Flint, a graduate intern for the Student Development office.

    By the end of fall quarter, the Redhawk Experience app should be available. This app will provide an interactive bucket list where students can check off items, share their experiences on social media and earn badges as they progress.

    “Having a certain amount of things you want to do is a very good thing,” said freshman Tucker Price. “It’s good to have a tangible list.”

    Every student experiences college life differently, and the aim of the Redhawk Experience is to help students choose how they want to shape their own path to be a part of the Seattle U community and have an impact on campus.

    “Our hope is that students will engage with the Redhawk Experience and bucket list but also with the people they interact with,” Flint said. “Students will be able to make meaning from this and bridge together all the pieces of their education. It is both an individual experience and a shared experience as a whole for the campus.”

    The bucket list is meant to help students achieve five different milestones: commit, explore, act, connect and challenge. Items on the bucket list have been divided into seven categories that will help guide students to achieving the milestones. Those categories are learning, diversity, tradition, justice, leadership, spirituality and play.

    As clubs and other on-campus organizations put together events throughout the year, they can use the icons representing different milestones to communicate to students what kind of experience they will be having.

    “I feel like this will help bring people out of their shells and give them people to connect with,” said freshman Tulha Chaudhry. “That can be hard for people.”

    Until the app is released, students can learn more by liking the Redhawk Experience Facebook page or they can track their progress on the bucket list by checking out the website:

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