KSUB to Expand and Reach Beyond SU

For several years, the Seattle University radio station known as KSUB has been available to stream on campus, but soon the station will be broadcasting to a larger audience.

Earlier this year, Seattle U radio was approved a Federal Communications Commission license to broadcast to the Seattle area. Construction is expected to begin for the broadcasting tower on top of Campion Hall in January and broadcasting will begin in June of 2015. Unfortunately, the name KSUB is already claimed by Rush Limbaugh’s radio station, so KSUB will be changed to KXSU. The name will officially change on Oct. 9.
“The change legitimizes us as a radio station,” said KXSU General Manager Shannon Phelps.

Although broadcasting is not expected to begin until next summer, the name change is occurring now for marketing and branding purposes. Along with the change in name, the station is also adding all new equipment. Overall, the year will be a significant transition for the station as the staff is retrained with the new equipment and as work is done to introduce KXSU to the Seattle community off campus.

“Show-wise we want to create a name for ourselves outside of Seattle U,” said Marcus Shriver, KXSU Director of Live Events and Promotions. “We will have shows that we video record and put on our YouTube channel, and we will have more people touring into Seattle.”

Most of the shows are done live in-studio and students are welcome to attend. The first in-studio show will be on Oct. 3 featuring local rapper Ronnie Dylan and another local artist. On Oct. 9, KXSU will have its kickoff party in the Campion teagarden with a concert headlined by The Lures, Street Shark and COHO, a Seattle U band. There will be several giveaways for those in attendance.

As the station embarks on its transition to a wider broadcasting audience, KXSU also looks to enhance its web presence by revamping the online blogs with a full reporter staff, by hiring and training more DJs and by strengthening the playlist for the jukebox.

“We are anticipating more people to get involved since this is a legit radio station,” Phelps said.

KXSU is expected to be broadcasting in Seattle starting this summer. Listeners will be able to tune in on FM 102.1.