Letters To The Readers from the Sports Desk

Hello from the Editor

Hello all! My name is Emily Hedberg, the Junior nursing major that has been bringing sports coverage to The Spectator for the past year. I am writing to you all to let you know about the marginally small changes I am making to the section this year.

Our ever-knowledgeable friends over at Wikipedia tell us that sports journalism in its most basic form is a field to report and cover sports and games.

Despite the simplicity of that definition, I have to admit that I have done a less than terrific job of bringing Seattle U the straightforward progress of our growing athletics department. It is for this reason that I will be introducing a strictly game score page so that readers can efficiently flip to the sports section and find out what is going on with our school’s teams­—as it should be.

Also, thanks to Harrison Bucher, we will have a weekly Seahawks column so you can stay faithful 12th man fans, so there’s that… Enjoy!


Hello from the Columnist

My name is Harrison Bucher and this quarter I will be writing a weekly column on the Seattle Seahawks titled “The 12 Yard Line.” I grew up in Tacoma, WA and have been a Seahawks fan all of my life. In my column, I will be giving brief recaps of games as well as previews of the upcoming games and sharing my knowledge of the sport with Seattle University. To get a glimpse of what the column will be like, check out page 20. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to ask me questions or give feedback at [email protected].