Editorial: All News is All News

It started when I was studying abroad and learning about the European Royal Families. The project ended and it was time to move onto conjugating irregular -ir verbs, I was dragging my feet, doing anything to bring them up again. I was unhappy about moving on, I wanted to have a royal family. After voicing my opinions that the US needs a Royal Family, my friend Francesco frankly said we do, we have the Kardashian Family. We are ruled and governed by both Washington D.C. and Hollywood. If Beyoncé and Barack can be friends, why can’t we? There is such segregation of news and the stories reported on. Entertainment news would never be in the front of the newspaper and sports can also forget about it. The political and global government news is always reported first and then they may get around mentioning the arts or entertainment and there seems to be no question about it. For

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the media to say that Global Warming is more important than the fact that Adele is possibly releasing a new album this fall is not for them to decide. The type of dog the Obamas get or what happens at international meetings is all the same. Russia deciding to invade one country one day and changing its mind the next is essentially the same as reporting as the relationship of Brangelina. Is it not all news? The stories are all relevant, the stories are all journalistically approached, the stories only differ in content, which is no place for an editor to prioritize. I know some of you may scoff and not accept the ideology that you live in the Kardashian Empire and some of you bow-down at the fur cape of Lord Disick, that is your choice. Thankfully.