Apathy of the Ballot

For being a school that prides itself on social activism, we can sure come off as apathetic. Our university has given us opportunity, our student government has opened up doors, and now the action must come from us.

Despite what is commonly said about politicians, Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU) has not been all talk and no change this year. In fact, we believe this year’s team has accomplished more than ever before. From budget transparency and the divestment campaign, to gender-inclusive housing conversations and adjunct unionization panels, SGSU’s year has been busy.

With the letter to Eastside Catholic supporting the marriage equality rights of educator Mark Zmuda, SGSU encouraged students to have a loud community voice. With the “We the Redhawks” initiative, SGSU promoted student-run, on-campus engagement and activism. Additionally, the on-campus government continues to explore issues of campus accessibility and improved services for students with disabilities. Through all of this, student input is not only good, it is essential.

These are all issues that students have helped to bring to the attention of SGSU and administrators. We obviously have successful avenues for our ideas and opinions, but we need to take action in those avenues. The decisions of SGSU mean significantly less without the response and investment of the student body. They care because they want us to care. So care. Vote. Educate yourself. Know what is happening around you. If anything, just read the ballot to stay up-to-date on student issues. Who knows, you might find that you actually do have an opinion.