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The Grace Space: How to Show your Mom Love on Mother’s Day

    While we may all be excitedly and drunkenly celebrating Cinco de Mayo today, we all should be looking forward to this upcoming Sunday, when we have a special day to celebrate the women who had to deal with our bulls*** longer than anyone else: our mothers.

    Although my lovely mother is far away in the beautiful warm land of California, I have already sent her a Mother’s Day gift, and have already planned out what to do in terms of a card. I’m so on top of it you guys—ha.

    Regardless of my personal relationship with my mom, who’s awesome, I believe it is always helpful to have something in your back pocket that will surprise your wonderful mom and show her how grateful you are to be her child. Hence, I have complied a list of some choices you have in showing your mom how badass she is—hope you all find something helpful!

    If your mom lives close by, you should: Visit and make her a nice meal
    Quite possibly the easiest possible thing you could do, but also full of love. Pick out a sweet and simple recipe that you can make—as in, you’ve made it before without burning your apartment down—and get everything together to bring over to your Mom’s place. If even a simple omelette is not in your line of expertise (no judgment), then still go over to your mom’s house, but bring her out to breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are a lot of cool restaurants in the area that may have really awesome Mother’s Day menus—Google and go!

    If your mom lives farther away, you should: Send her a gift/Give her a surprise call
    Because it is pretty likely that your Mom is part of your financial backing, it’s always good to remind her that you don’t forget her, regardless of how little you call. You should figure out a cool card, a helpful or sweet gift, or even a simple bouquet of flowers. If these aren’t in your price range, not to worry—call her up and tell her how much you appreciate her. She did have to deal with your absurdity in the womb for nine whole months after all.

    If you are prepping for Mother’s Day now, you should: Check out online deals
    Online deals for Mother’s Day are honestly fantastic. Depending on what your mom likes, you can get her chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, or even an Edible arrangement, usually for a cheaper price than usual. As college students, we all love saving every last penny, but use some of those savings to get something great for your mom! She will definitely be impressed.

    If you are going to forget about Mother’s Day until the last minute, you should: Give her a surprise call
    Again, calling your mom is awesome. Moms in general are like your no-charge therapist who you can be completely honest with—don’t use your mom for that purpose on Mother’s Day. Rather, call her and check in to see how she’s doing. As you should know, Mother’s Day should be all about your mom.

    If you are not in contact with you mom, you should: Go on doing you
    Although I have been blessed with a super fantastic mother, I know how difficult mothers can be as well. If you aren’t in touch with your mom or simply don’t consider yourself to have a mom, not to worry. Celebrate YOU day: go get some brunch with your friends, head on over to the gym, head to the park with a new book, whatever makes you feel relaxed and happy.

    Hope this helped everyone—good luck!

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