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The Grace Space: Songs for Your Midterms

    Now that it’s sunny out, it feels as though we shouldn’t even be in school. Unfortunately, not only are we still learning (jokes, I love learning), but the horrid state of midterms is upon us.

    Sure, a lot of people have already finished their midterms or are nearing completion today after a long week of testing. But I know quite a few people who are not finished, or possibly did not even know that certain classes were having midterms until recently (cough cough, me).

    To help us all through this tumultuous time, I have complied a list of songs below, based on the various states you might find yourself in this midterms season. Don’t worry, midterms aren’t too bad…as long as they aren’t getting in the way of your tanning time.

    If you have already finished midterms, listen to: “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” Kendrick Lamar
    You enjoy that sunshine and your drinks and the heat out on Union Green or in front of the library—you deserve it! Don’t let the people still taking midterms kill your vibe; just remember that you’re lucky and be grateful you have a break until the next tumultuous time period: finals.

    If you procrastinated hard and are rushing to catch up, listen to: “Don’t Stop Me Now,” Queen
    A great song by a great group that really gets your blood going as you rush to learn all of human anatomy or all of the themes of that book you read. Plus, the song is great to just keep listening to continuously as you try to finish that paper into the wee hours of the morning. Just remember that you shouldn’t listen to the song too much as you should not be replacing sleep with Freddie Mercury—you don’t want to have too much of “a good time.”

    If you feel as though you will be completely failing in one or multiple classes based on this midterm, listen to: “Tiny Dancer,” Elton John
    When I need a good cry, I typically turn to the trailer for “Garden State” or simply listen to “Tiny Dancer.” Elton really knows how to make a classic that can be utilized in multiple ways, but, if you are currently freaking out, “Tiny Dancer” will definitely be a shoulder to cry on. And you can reuse it at the next party you go to as a drunken karaoke bonding experience.

    If you don’t have midterms whatsoever, listen to: “We Are the Champions,” Queen
    Seriously, what other song would be better? You are basically the king of kings; just don’t rub this fact in your friends’ faces too much or there could be mutiny.

    If you didn’t realize you had a midterm until the day it was scheduled for, listen to: “Oh Shit,” The Pharcyde
    Great song that, in its title alone, represents your state of mind. Aside from being relatable, the song’s soft beat will also help you to relax a bit, because, as I said before, midterms don’t seem to be of that great importance this quarter. Just remember to study a bit if you can!

    If you are a senior and don’t give a flying f*** about midterms, listen to: “All I Do Is Win,” DJ Khaled
    Throw your hands up in the air, y’all. Midterms don’t really even matter and, as seniors, your class is simply more focused on moving back home, going to grad school or starting to pay off your loans. Time to feel like a winner now!

    If you aren’t a senior, but are in the same state of mind, listen to: “Baby’s On Fire,” Die Antwoord
    Yes, I do love giving you all Die Antwoord songs as often as possible, but this song definitely relates to that “whatever” attitude. One lyric is legitimately: “Like umm ah, who gives a f***?” Honestly, you “don’t worry about it,” and just go with the flow while listening to this gem of a song.

    If you feel as though your mind has exploding from either studying or not caring, listen to: “NRG,” Duck Sauce
    Possibly one of the weirdest songs and videos I have ever had the chance to hear/view, Duck Sauce will definitely help you with some electronica as your mind explodes. Like “Tiny Dancer,” “NRG” can also be used at your next party, so get in that state of disregard now!

    Apologies for focusing mainly on classics and rap music, but good luck on midterms everyone!

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