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Bows Before Bros: Get Spring Break Ready

Can we just fast forward to spring break? (I wish).

I’ll be road tripping it to Canada with my friends during our one week off. Just the thought of long, sunny days adventuring around is what’s helping me get through dead week and finals.

My excitement has led me to sometimes procrastinate on work (oops) by online window shopping and figuring out what I will bring along.

Whether you’re traveling to a new place this break or going off to further explore Seattle and the surrounding area, here are my top five spring break essentials:

Rockin’ pair of shades

I am obsessed with sunglasses. I love buying them. I love wearing them. In fact, I keep a bunch in my car so I can rotate every so often and in case my friends forget theirs (which has happened). I’m into oversized, classic shapes with a fun modern twist. Look cool while protecting your eyes. Functional AND fashionable.
My picks:1, 2, 3

Kimono cover-ups

Sweater weather is ending so put away your cardigans. Kimonos are like the cardigans for spring. You can wear them with anything. Throw it over a cropped top and high-waisted shorts for a day out adventuring in the sun or dress it up by layering it over a fitted dress for a night out in town.
My picks:1, 2, 3

High-Waisted Shorts

A classic that has endless possibilities. ‘Nuff said.
My picks:1, 2, 3

Printed Sneakers

Chances are you will also be road tripping too. Or do some amount of adventuring whether that’s around the city, back home or somewhere new. Either way, you will want to be comfy while adventuring and sneakers are the way to go.
My picks: 1, 2, 3

Good ole sunscreen

Bet you weren’t expecting this one. I know we live in Seattle, but the sun does come out and when it does, it’s good practice to put on some sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Healthy skin is always in style. You’ll thank yourself later.
My pick:1

You can bet these will definitely be in my duffle bag when I take my lil road trip, among other necessities.

I’d love to hear what your spring break essentials are. Leave a comment below to tell me!

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