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The Grace Space: How to Dress for the Weather

    For the past few days, Seattle has had some pretty awesome weather—well, awesome weather for February that is. The high in the past few days has been 59 degrees Fahrenheit, which, in reality, is not that great. Yet, you best believe that all of those summer dresses, shorts and t-shirts came out to play.

    Now, we are back to this rainy, hazy winter weather. Since I don’t think a lot of people understand that the sun does not always mean warmth, I have complied a list of my recommendations for how to dress—good luck my friends!

    1. Check

    As a Californian who still does not appreciate the winds and coldness of Seattle winters, I start every morning by checking for what the actual weather of the day will be. Regardless of the sun that awakens me in my apartment, we all know that weather, like everything, can change in a second, so check to see if you’ll need your raincoat.

    2. Wear tights and a cardigan, no matter what the sun calls you to do

    Seriously, the sun may be peeking its head out to tease you, but Mother Wind will destroy you. Ladies especially, wear your tights and your cardigans; you can always take them off later if you feel adventurous, but be protective of your body.

    3. Wait for those (late) May days for your springtime clothing

    You know how the winter season started December 21? It doesn’t end until March 21; hell, every season is three months, regardless of the weather. You just learned how seasonal equinoxes work—you’re welcome.

    Because these factors may be a little too harsh for some of our readers, I have also added a list below as to what you can wear and should wear for these upcoming weeks until the sun actually stays a part of our daily existence. Enjoy!

    1. A maxi shirt, boots, a cute top and a light jacket

    Stylish and cool, but still keeps you warm when the torrential winds attack! I wore a maxi skirt this past Thursday, which is soft and awesome because it has pockets (for snacks), and got a ton of complements. Added bonus was warmth, which is super awesome when the heat in your apartment is not working—woot woot.

    2. A cute summer dress WITH tights, Keds or sneakers, rain jacket

    You can definitely wear that summer dress—just add on layers! I love me my summer dresses, but I make them go through all of the seasons with layers because layers are fantastic and can be cheap depending on where you go!

    3. High-waisted jeans, summery crop top, cardigan, light jacket and sneakers

    An outfit that is good for all times and makes you look super stylish. Again, the layers can come off or go on, all dependent on weather. Plus, jeans are awesome and comfy and warm—so why not wear them at all times?

    As this article is directed mainly toward the females, men and boys: you’re on your own. Good luck everyone! And don’t let the sun cry on you!

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