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The Grace Space: Songs for your Valentine’s Day

    During Valentine’s Day, as you look around at all of those heart-shaped balloons and chocolate boxes, you can feel a range of emotions. To help you either celebrate or repress those emotions, I have complied a list of songs below, based on various states you may be in during this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy, and remember: with a Beyoncé album and some Two-Buck Chuck, who gives a flying f*** if you’re single?

    DISCLAIMER: Even if a song has the word “Love” in it, that doesn’t always mean it has focus on the concept. No need to freak out.

    If you are single, listen to: “Single Ladies,” Beyoncé
    Please, what other song would work fantastically for your Singles Awareness Day? Beyoncé don’t need no permission or attention from the men in the club, so neither should you. Remember, you are fabulous and will rock this consumerist holiday even without a significant other.

    If you are casually seeing someone, listen to: “Drunk In Love,” Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z
    Waking up in the kitchen and wondering what the hell happened is just one aspect of these types of “relationships.” Beyoncé hits it home again with “Drunk in Love” because what’s a better experience with a casual hookup than drinking? Not much.

    If you have a friends with benefits situation, listen to: “This is Love,” PJ Harvey
    Don’t get scared away by the title: PJ sings about a playful and physical relationship, where she begins by saying “I can’t believe life’s so complex/ When I just wanna sit here and watch you undress.” PJ gets it; an FWB situation isn’t all that bad if that’s what you’re into, so why fret?

    If you just started what you hope will soon be a serious relationship, listen to: “You Make My Dreams,” Hall and Oates
    Have you seen “500 Days of Summer?” Oh of course I was going to pick this song, no doubt about it. Even without the JGL-Zooey love-fest happening at this moment in the film, the song is freaking amazing. Definitely worthy of a fiesta to celebrate the future and what could be.

    If you’re in a serious relationship, listen to: “San Francisco,” The Mowgli’s
    This song always makes me utterly exuberant (haha, I use big words). Seriously, even without being in love, listening to this song can help you to fall into that ideal of what love is. I also don’t know if love is in San Francisco, but The Mowgli’s have certainly helped to prove that love can help to bind us together as this “systematic drug.”

    If you’ve been recently scorned, listen to: “Before He Cheats,” Carrie Underwood
    While I’m not recommending going out and totaling your cheating ex’s car, Carrie is pretty persuasive in how to handle such a situation. I would instead recommend focusing on loving yourself and hanging out with all your girls/guys for a fiesta all your own. Being in love with your friends is totally awesome; don’t let a romantic lover ruin your idea of love.

    If you’re in a serious relationship with loving yourself, listen to: “Dancing On My Own,” Robyn
    Robyn, like Bey, is fabulous, and has amazing empowering songs like “Dancing On My Own.” Who’s the overall best in the room? That’s right, it’s you. Probably not the best dancer in the room, but drink some of those fruity Valentine’s Day specials and you’ll forget all about your Elaine Benes style of dance. Remember: “I’m just gonna dance all night.”

    Have a fantastic V-Day everybody!

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