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SU’s Ramblin’ Years Gets Ready to Groove

    NICOLE SCHLAEPPI • The Spectator

    Three Seattle University bands are coming together to play an all-ages show this Sunday, Feb. 16, at Chop Suey. The show, hosted by The Ramblin’ Years, coincides with their self-titled debut album release.

    The Ramblin’ Years includes Seattle U students and alumni Sean Clavere on lead guitar, Katie Sweeney on rhythm guitar and harmonica, Finn Anderson on bass, Seth Anderson on trumpet, Daniel Dunn on saxophone, and Daniel Dovinh on drums. Most of the band members sing, and Dunn raps. The band members first met through the Seattle University Choir program in 2010.

    Seth Anderson describes the band’s sound as “a throwback to Motown with some hip-hop and folk influence.” They combine elements of rock, soul, country, Motown, rap and other genres.

    NICOLE SCHLAEPPI  •  The Spectator
    NICOLE SCHLAEPPI • The Spectator

    “Our style is very throwback, but very genuine,” said Finn Anderson. “The music and the lyrics and the ideas really come from the heart.”

    Each band member incorporates his or her own musical ideas, resulting in the band’s unique sound.
    “This band just has fun,” said Dunn. “We play what we like to play and we have fun playing it.”

    The Ramblin’ Years, who perform frequently on campus and around Seattle, self-financed their album and recorded it in Clavere and Sweeney’s living room in December. Sweeney’s brother is an audio engineer and he helped record and produce the album.

    The band is proud of their “grassroots and DIY” approach.

    “When you listen to it, you won’t believe it was recorded in a living room,” Finn Anderson said.
    “Everything was real,” added Dovinh. “From the stories being sung about, to the fighting, to the laughter and love, to the musicianship, to the mistakes, to the ‘in-tuneness.’ Nothing was added or taken away.”

    The Ramblin’ Years said the record release represented a new chapter for the band.

    “We really believe in the sounds that are on that album and the stories,” said Clavere. “It’s been a year of rigorous performing, and us becoming better friends and a better band and closer in so many ways.”

    “I’m really proud of this group,” said Sweeney. “I’m going to stick with this group of musicians as long as I can because I think they’re the best there is.”

    The band is also performing at Seattle U’s Dance Marathon on Feb. 22 and they are planning a West Coast tour this summer. In the meantime, they are excited to perform with COHO and Street Shaark at Chop Suey.

    COHO is made up of Laura Germano on vocals and banjo, Chris Schaberg on electric guitar, Shane Haworth on acoustic guitar, Bradley Haworth on piano and synth, Zach Myers on bass, and Danny Giroux on drums. All of the band members sing.

    Schaberg described their sound as “folk pop with harmonies” and “indie alternative” influences.
    “We’re not limiting ourselves to harmonies and acoustic guitars,” added Shane Haworth. “We’re adding drums, synth, electric guitars.”

    “I like how collaborative the band is,” said Germano. “I love having that platform with music I like and with people I love being around.”

    The band has been performing since 2012 and is excited for the upcoming show.

    “It’s going to be a friendship music powwow,” said Schaberg.

    “Even if you’re not in that inner circle of Seattle U, it’ll be palpable,” Shane Haworth added. “You’ll definitely feel the love.”

    The Ramblin’ Years and COHO will be joined by Street Shaark, which is Seattle U junior Jon Cardiello’s new music project. He sings and plays guitar and keyboard.

    Cardiello will be accompanied by Schaberg on guitar, Sam Chakerian on bass, and Jordan Appling-Marx on drums.

    He describes Street Shaark as indie rock.

    “I wanted these songs to be really simple and kind of bare,” said Cardiello. “A bare sound that leaves room for lyrics and raw emotion.”

    “I’m most inspired when I can listen to a song and be transported into another space or a certain emotion,” he added. “I strive to be powerful enough to take people somewhere they’re not.”

    Cardiello hopes the performance will “create a spot for this sort of music at Seattle U.”

    Clavere voiced a similar desire for the Chop Suey show.

    “I hope this performance opens up more shows, more records, new ears, new audience members, maybe even more genres to explore, more stories to tell onstage,” he said. “SU has a great tradition of producing renowned musicians, and we’re really hoping to be a part of that tradition.”

    The Ramblin’ Years’ album release show will be on Feb. 16 at Chop Suey. The band will be joined by COHO and Street Shaark. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m.

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