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SU License Plate Could Drive School Spirit

The Seattle University Alumni Board of Governors (ABoG) is working on a way to promote school spirit, positive alumni and current student relations, and social justice via education all in one license plate.

A Seattle U plate would have school colors and the logo, and all of the proceeds would go to a scholarship fund. ABoG is being aided in this project by President of the Student Alumni Ambassadors Marcella Perez. She is head of the student movement for a plate.

With this project, ABoG is hoping to “make this school a better place…doing something to not only increase school spirit but also the gain scholarships to help deserving students who are desiring to come to Seattle University be able to achieve their dream just as they did,” said Perez.

Of course, trying to create an actual license plate requires extensive legal action. Since last year, the Alumni Association had been pushing for signatures, but had to compete with other groups wanting their own plates, like the Sounders and the Seahawks.

They finally have enough signatures and are now waiting for their bill to be passed. They’re still in the process of pushing legislators, and are hoping that others will join the push through rallies in Olympia and through contacting legislators.

“Every email counts,” said Chris Canlas, alumnus and president of ABoG.

The license plate will be used as a way to link alumni to current and future students. Alumni can purchase plates and know that they’re helping students to attend Seattle U—keeping them involved in the school for years after they’ve left the school.

“We don’t want our alums to graduate and then just leave and feel like this is not their university. We want them to feel like they’re called to come back and that we care about them,” said Perez.

The proceeds don’t go to a separate scholarship allotment, but instead add to the university’s general scholarship fund. Canlas says the plate is a balance between good publicity and raising money for scholarships.

As for Perez’s motive, she says “this license plate is more than just a logo that’s going to be slapped on a car… we want to give the opportunity, that same opportunity, that we were once given.”

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