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J.K. Rowling Rewrites Ginger-Granger Love

    Looks like J.K. Rowling has her own Chamber of Secrets.

    In an interview last week, the author of the famous and beloved Harry Potter series dropped a whopping reveal on her fans: Hermione should have ended up with Harry, not Ron.

    In my opinion, she pulled a literary no-no—and broke my heart a little bit too.

    As an author, Rowling had tremendous power during the writing process. She was in charge of the world, she decided the fate of the characters, she weaved in the love or despair or hope that we as readers then had to grasp. But I believe her power over that particular story ended when she gave us the pages.

    From that moment on, we were the masters of the story as we visualized our way through the text. To throw out additions or subtractions to that story years later shows uncertainty. She has done her part, her job is done—to change that is a mistake as an author. If she wants her readers to believe in her world, she needs to believe in it too.

    The reason that Hermione and Ron work together isn’t because they are the perfect match (I mean let’s be real, she’s really too cool for anyone). But Hermione and Harry are the perfect friendship. Platonic was always the best relationship for Hermione and Harry, not only because they were both smart and brave, but because Rowling defied the stereotypical “hero gets the girl” scenario. And I respected her for that.

    To change her

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    mind, now, seven years later, and tell her devoted fans that this love was inaccurate isn’t fair.

    If that is really what she thinks, then it is a secret better left to lie with the Basilisk.

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