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The Grace Space: How To Survive Winter Quarter ’14

    Another day, another dollar. More like another day, another assignment.

    We have just finished the first week of Winter Quarter 2014, so I hope you’re all still alive. I’m not too sure about how this quarter is going to be mainly because winter quarter always seems to be more stressful than the preceding fall or the following spring. For instance, although I am again taking four classes, amounting to 20 credits this quarter, I was not expecting my first days of class to be so filled already with work and projects. And yet, here we are, in the library, once again.

    For those of you who cherish your syllabus like a small child or puppy, I feel your pain. Honestly, why the hell do I already have papers due this week?! Although this frustration will probably just get more extensive as the quarter continues, let’s all read the list below and take some time to realize that this New Year will bring happiness more so than tears.

    1. Wear comfy clothing
    So why is it that everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to lose weight? Why can’t we all just resolve to wear super comfortable clothing all the time? Personally, sweater tights have taken over my life for the past couple of weeks, and I wouldn’t change that fact for anything. Seeing as how we live in Seattle—specifically Capitol Hill—why not break out all of those Bill Cosby sweaters you’ve been hiding in your closet and finally let your true star shine? If you don’t have any wacky, cool comfortable clothing, head over to Value Village or Crossroads and look for some new awesome pieces you could add to your wardrobe.

    2. Drink all of the (seasonal) drinks
    While it seems like only yesterday that peppermint lattes finally came onto the Starbucks holiday menu for winter, they will be gone before you know it. I know, you may want to burn me as a witch for saying so, but put down the torch and go get a festive drink. Heck, you don’t even have to get a peppermint latte from Starbucks or a latte in general. Go to Caffe Vitta for a chai, go to Remedy Teas for one of their 150 flavors, go to Victrola for an Americano. Seasonal drinks are cool, but also, warm beverages in general just make life worth living.

    3. Do winter-time activities or just get out more
    If you know me, you know that the library is basically my second home (and is probably lived in more than my actual one). However, this quarter, I’m trying to switch it up; I didn’t even come to the library until Wednesday of last week which is like, a long time to be away from the library for me. So, my advice for you is to get out and do things! It doesn’t really matter what you do—drinking coffee, eating at Lost Lake’s happy hour, going downtown—but just make sure to live a life away from studying. Since it’s still technically winter as well, why not go ice-skating or go see “Frozen”? Honestly, live it up, no matter what.

    4. Pray for a snow day (or more)
    This step kind of relates to #3. We don’t have that much time to do fun stuff usually until Friday afternoon comes along, so why not pray to the weather gods for a snow day (or more)? I remember having a week off for snow my freshmen year and it was pretty nice to just watch Netflix and eat Goldfish for a couple days. However, if we do have one or more snow days, try to get out and play—go sled down Cherry Street, have a snowball fight, try to walk on the (frozen) water in the reflection pool. And don’t forget to wear a snowsuit to look extra fly in front of your potential suitors.

    5. Breathe
    Sure, winter quarter sucks—everyone and their mother knows that. But you know what? If you just relax and breathe, we will get through this in one piece. Take the time to let yourself go every once in a while—you don’t need to be “on” 24/7, and you shouldn’t be expected to be that way either. If you need to light a candle, listen to some Allen Stone, and just close your eyes, do it. No one can stop you from doing what you need to do.

    I hope this helps everyone out there—good luck on week two, and I will bring you more advice as the quarter goes on. Love ya!

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