Seattle U Goes Greener Growing Greens

Seattle University has just finished building a new greenhouse. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical at first. I’ve never been gifted with a green thumb, but I suppose plants are interesting enough and can often taste yummy. In this case, our new greenhouse can be useful in two ways: it can be a part of our community, which holds up our fabulous Jesuit beliefs, and it can help our Biology department to have a better, more convenient place to examine plant structure and carry out scientific inquiries. The plans are to use it as a place to grow out of season fruits and vegetables to take part in the urban farming trend, and in doing so provide some extra food to local food banks and charities. By allowing community members and students to be involved in the growing process, we can get a new appreciation of the way we source food in an ethical way. In addition to doing good deeds, the greenhouse will also be utilized by the Biology department. It will be more conveniently located and a needed upgrade from the old greenhouse, which I didn’t know existed until today. Biology students will be able to do plant growth and development experiments more easily and also be able to examine plant structure in a more intimate and convenient way. Speaking from personal experience, the biology department’s coverage of plant biology in the lab has been cramped and often wilted. A new greenhouse can contribute to a better quality of education. Of all the things to add to Seattle University’s campus, a greenhouse aligns well with what the school stands for, and educational needs of the Biology department.