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Bows Before Bros: Signs That Bunnies Are Making A Comeback

Perk those ears up, cat-lovers because the year of the bunny is just around the corner.

Not technically, of course. But fashion-wise, yes.

Since the Miu Miu spring fashion show of 2010, which featured cat prints, a lot of people fell in love with the unexpectedly cute play on the felines. The stereotypical cat lady became cool and witty. It was the conversation starter that led to a cat craze.

For nearly four years, people have been obsessed with cats. From Grumpy Cat and the other internet cats, quirky kitty loafers, cat sweaters and cat accessories—the list goes on and on. Most recently, Karl Lagerfield made a cat accessory collection inspired by his own cat and the Miu Miu spring 2014 fashion show featured more cats.

Cats seem to be a trend that won’t stop (which I personally am okay with since I love cats—it’s a dream come true, really).

However, bunnies could soon be taking over the catwalk, again.

These equally furried and cute creatures were in the spotlight during the 2009 Louis Vuitton fall fashion show.

For this season, bunnies are making appearances for some key accessories which could indicate that bunnies are the new cats.

Here’s some of them:

Bunny sweaters

You know how everyone went crazy for shirts and sweaters with cats printed on them? Instead of cats, it’s bunnies. These sweaters can be found at Bloomingdale’s, in the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s, other popular shops and I’m sure everyone else will soon catch on to the bunny trend soon enough.

Bunny headgear

Much like the little cat eared headbands, beanies and hats that people have come to wear, bunny ears are popping up on different headgear and heads of celebrities. There’s just something about rocking a pair of animal ears on one’s head.

Bunny accessories

Quirky cat shoes, meet quirky bunny shoes. Yup. Cats that could once be found on every accessory are slowly being rivaled and replaced with bunnies. In fact, Marc Jacobs released accessories featuring bunnies–watches, earrings, rings, coin pouches, just to name a few.

I wouldn’t be surprised upon finding bunnies on everything the next time I go shopping. Although I am a cat-lover, I just might hop on this bunny trend.

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