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The Grace Space: Miscellaneous Music to Get You Through Everything

    If you hadn’t already noticed in the past two months from my Friday blog posts that I like music, I am kind of surprised you’re even able to read this (burnnnn).

    As we approach the end of Fall Quarter like a speed of lightening, I have become busier than usual, which is saying something.

    Regardless, I have still attempted to find new and awesome music to jam out to in order to have a little break from analyzing a 200-page book for a core history class that I appear to be the only person to have read.

    Not all of the following songs are new, but trust me, they are really entertaining and beautiful and awesome and whatever other emotion you feel when you listen to them.

    Check them out below and hopefully you find something that helps you in the race toward Winter Break—good luck Redhawks!


    Although he may not be the most respected or admired rapper in the business, Tyler, The Creator is talented and you’ve got to admit it when you hear his new single “Tamale.” The song, which released a month ago, contains lyrics regarding fapping, his father and the video features a clip referencing Tyler’s recent Mountain Dew ad starring Felicia the Goat being pulled. Tyler loves to make fun of himself and showcase that in his performances and lyrics, but he’s made yet another great song, as well as directed a pretty interesting music video–definitely check this out as soon as possible, especially for the ever necessary Lucas.


    Lily Allen is truly one of my favorite singers of all time—I know that may sound passé, but she’s great, especially in her new single “Hard Out Here.” Her first single in three years, Allen uses the song/video to make fun of the current state of pop music with a significant focus on Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and the overall notion that women are less talented/should be less respected than men in both the music industry and overall. The music video is different from her previous ones, but I still love it—Allen is all for using her music to prove important inconsistencies in our society, and she seriously succeeds.


    Released this past August, “Come A Little Closer” shows just how great of a band Cage the Elephant really are. Written by lead singer Matthew Schultz, the song was inspired by a sunrise in Sao Paulo, causing the singer to think of what each soul in the borough beneath his hotel had felt. While a cheesy idea, the song really is great and provides us with another fantastic song from the band who brought us “Shake Me Down” and “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.”

    If you don’t like MIA, you can leave now. The 38-year-old is proving that age means nothing compared to talent, which she brings a tremendous amount of to her latest single. The music video shows what appears to be a gathering related to religion, music or just overall dance. Regardless of critics’ ideas behind what M.I.A. is bringing to the public to discuss through this song/video, we need to accept that it’s simply good music that needs to be enjoyed and respected–seriously, M.I.A. can kick some massive a** and should be considered a god among mere humans.


    Young the Giant is awesome—not only are they super talented, but they’re attractive and intelligent (lead singer Sameer Gadhia was attending Stanford for a few years before dropping out to focus primarily on the band). In their most recent single “It’s About Time,” the group has taken a turn toward more alternative rock than we’ve heard in the past. Although there is definitely a change in sound, there isn’t in awesomeness—just listen to see what I mean.

    I have been pretty obsessed with this song since I first heard it about three years ago, and you’ll understand why when you listen to it. Like the usual song from the group, “Silvia” is upbeat and enticing in that way that Miike Snow has perfected, but (at least to me) it’s also a bit sad. Regardless of whether you need something to lift you up or connect with you, check out “Silvia.”


    Ever since Be Your Own Pet broke up in 2008, there has been a hole in my musical heart for Jemina Pearl’s excellence. Luckily, a few years ago, SPIN magazine also decided that it was time for the Nashville singer to bring her talents back to the public and had her and guitarist/boyfriend John Eatherly perform some songs in their office. “Undesirable” is probably my favorite and I hope you all feel the same way when you listen to it–although the title may not be that enticing, the song is upbeat and funky, just the way I like.

    Hopefully you’ve all found at least one song to fall in love with.

    Tell me your current favorite songs in a comment!

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