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The Grace Space: How to Spend the One-Day Holiday

    One-day holidays kind of suck. Even though you have an extra few hours to sleep or catch up on “The Mindy Project” or whatever you kids watch these days, it really isn’t that much time to do anything.

    I am in no way saying I hate Veterans Day. While I myself am a pacifist, I completely respect the veterans who have put their lives on the line in the name of security and freedom for the U.S. We should most definitely take today, Nov. 11, to honor those members of the military around the world and across decades who done such a great service to our nation.

    If you are planning on doing things other than homework or sleeping on Monday, I have provided some ideas for you to try out.

    Have a great Veterans Day everyone!

    1. Make a boat

    If you haven’t already noticed, it’s raining like crazy outside. I’ve been half-expecting Mary Poppins to come flying by with her umbrella. To bypass having to possibly fall into a puddle bound for another realm, I would recommend making a boat. This activity will be great for you alone or you with friends–the choice is yours. Try to find some awesome yet intelligent materials (road signs should work as a base) and go from there. If you’re not willing to test out your boat, just leave it in the hall of your building to let everyone stare and admire. Who knows, you could be an innovator!

    2. Eat as much ice-cream as you can

    Because you probably won’t be leaving your dorm, apartment, house, building, what-have-you this upcoming Monday, why not test your ice-cream-eating abilities? Head on over to QFC, Trader Joe’s, Safeway or The Cave in advance to stock up on your favorites and then spend Monday going to town on the Chunky Monkey. Just remember that it may give you a brain-freeze, which isn’t great in 48 degree weather.

    3. Build a tower of homework and class materials

    Who actually does homework on a day off? Ha, what a joke. Use all of those materials keeping your sane academic life together—paper, pencils, notebooks, agendas, textbooks—and build a tower as high as you can. Get it to look really radical by using all of your friends’ materials too. Hell, when you’re done constructing, play a life-size Jenga! It may not be helpful when you need to find your lab for your 8 o’clock class the next morning, but it will definitely fill your day.

    4. Put all of the clothing you own on your body

    It’s going to be cold on Monday, so it would be wise to put a sweater or jacket on, even while indoors. But you know what would be even wiser? Putting all of your clothing on! Seriously, if Joey Tribbiani can do it and still look semi-fashionable (haha, no), then why can’t you? After emptying your closet and dresser, walk around Capitol Hill or Downtown and see what it’s like to be a model. Trust me, you will be stared at.

    5. Become the sloth you were meant to be

    Live slow, die whenever, am I right? For this task, simply stay in bed all day, under the covers, with your laptop and your snacks, and just chill. It sounds great, right? Well, once you’ve had a few bags of Munchies mix and watched all of the recent Maury episodes, you may actually become a sloth. They’re adorable and all, but I don’t know how your parents or professors would feel about your sudden transformation.

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