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The Grace Space: How to Survive Through the Rest of the Quarter

    Time really does fly when you’re crying into textbooks in a private study room.

    Seriously though, we have just finished our fifth full week of classes, meaning that we are officially halfway through the quarter. Although it’s been a trying couple of weeks, it has also been great to get so much done thus far.

    Yet, we need to realize that the rest of the quarter will most likely be just as difficult or even more so based on the various essays you’re being assigned. Because I’m a bit angsty myself–and am surprised I’ve completed this much work in the past few weeks–I have complied a list to help us all regarding how to survive through the next five weeks.

    1. Relax

    Winter is coming, and so are those finals, but that doesn’t mean we have to freak out about the rest of the year. School is hard, sure, but that doesn’t mean you should let the difficulty overpower you! Try to relax, either by going shopping, dong yoga, taking a bath, smelling candles, etc. The choices are up to you–but make sure to relax when you have the opportunity! It will definitely make you feel a whole lot better.

    2. Drink some tea

    Tea is delicious and can make you feel like it’s the perfect fall day. It can also brighten up your day when you have two papers to write and a book to read for your classes tomorrow. Seriously though, have you ever had an Oregon Chai Tea Latte? They have helped me through many a time as I slowly realize the vast amount of stuff I have to do.

    3. Hang out with one of your good friends

    When you’re so focused on completing all of your work, it’s hard to actually make sure you have time to hang out with all your friends. Because they have different schedules than you, it can be difficult to find time to see one another, but you should always make sure to hang onto the relationships you cherish. Hence, text your friend(s) and figure out a day where you an just hang out without any distractions. Trust me, watching “Bridesmaids” and eating Ben and Jerry’s with a good friend will most definitely relax you.

    4. Go out and about the city

    Even if you’re by yourself, you can always venture out in the city and find some awesome things to do as you put your work on the backburner. Seattle is a pretty fantastic city and definitely has a great deal of opportunities for you to relax. I would recommend going shopping Downtown, eat lunch at Beecher’s, drink some coffee at Caffe Vita, buy yourself some flowers at the market–it’s really up to you. But make sure to get away from campus once in a while so that you can trick yourself into thinking that your life does not only revolve around work and assignments.

    5. Treat yourself

    This step kind of correlates with the fourth step, but involves a bit more. As we have learned through “Parks and Recreation,” it’s important to treat yourself at least once a year (but preferably more). I would recommend going to get a massage, a mani/pedi, eating some gelato or at a fancy restaurant and going to the movies. You’ll get all the stress out of yourself before coming back to campus for more work.

    Remember, we only have five whole weeks left, so don’t give up now! You are talented and intelligent–just make sure to relax when it all becomes too much.

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