Balls Out: The Bachelor and Baseball

The World Series is in full swing again. The Bachelor meets baseball. Just an obnoxious sentence fragment to pique your interest before a quick recap of games one through four.

This year’s championship is being fought after by the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. The Cardinals entered the series with the most winning record in the National League, 97-65. St. Louis charged their way through the playoffs, beating the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first five games of the Division Series. The Cardinals then crossed the Los Angeles Dodgers off their list to face off with the Red Sox. Boston entered the series with a shakier foundation, as they had the AL East’s divisional worst 2012 season. However, this year they redeemed themselves with a 97-65 record, the best in the American League. The Red Sox defeated both the Tampa Bay Rays and the Detroit Tigers in four games to two during the playoffs.

Four World Series games have taken place since. Boston made their intentions known in the first, winning 8-1. The next day The Cardinals game back with a 4-2 victory. The next win for St. Louis came the following game as they narrowly beat Boston 5-4 based on an obstruction call on the play, making this the first series game to be won based on such a call. The fourth game was won by the Red Sox and justly so after an insensitive display from former Bachelor contestant Sarah Newlon.

The fourth game of the World Series is a special and somber one. Fans, players and newscasters all get together, thanks to the organization Stand Up to Cancer, and hold signs in a moment of silence for someone special to them that has been affected by the disease. In the event everyone is solemnly holding a sign with the name of that person. It is a truly meaningful thing to watch. That is until the camera lands on the ex-Bachelor contestant who is irreverently laughing and flailing a sign with the name “Molina.”

Now, unless the entire baseball community is unaware, and unless he is still playing incredible ball games while dealing with a devastating disease, Cardinal’s catcher Yadier Molina does not in fact have cancer. Pretty good joke, Sarah. No wonder she has been deemed cool enough to watch by numerous people on NATIONAL television–cancer is pretty funny…

But actually it is really not. I find it ridiculous that a 28-year-old woman would parade a joke amongst thousands of people who have been through unimaginable tragedy. I guess I also find it ridiculous that years earlier she CHOSE to throw herself at one hunky guy along with twenty other women to find “true love.” Finally, I find it most unbelievable that after she didn’t find love on The Bachelor, she put herself on another show—of which I know nothing—called The Bachelor Pad for those who “lose” the original show. Newlon tweeted after the Molina incident that, “In no way would we [referring to the man laughing alongside her] ever laugh or make fun of cancer.”

She’s right, I bet her crying just really looks like giggling mockery. No big deal, cancer is just the number two leading cause of death in the U.S.