Healthcare Not Found

We can’t help but be disappointed with and embarrassed by the colossal failures of the website designed to aid in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Reports seem to indicate that the Obama Administration was aware that the site contained enormous errors and wasn’t even close to being ready to function effectively and they chose to make it live regardless. The failures of the delivery mechanism can now be effectively utilized to further attack the Affordable Care Act, which despite its failures contain very important pieces that our larger society cannot afford to surrender to partisan bickering.

Perhaps even more disturbing, some outlets have reported that the construction of the broken site cost anywhere from $300 million to $500 million—an outrageously egregious expenditure, even if the site were in full working order.

Our government has access to an unbelievable amount of resources—both sourced from taxation and from generous borrowing from foreign governments. This money can be used to do incredible things—like build a safe and working transportation system, aid in the purchase of healthcare and education, and work to defend lives around the world. Instead, it appears as though the powers-that-be are not nearly invested enough in ensuring that this money is protected and prudently spent.

Of course, while the big battles are important, it is equally important that we do not allow ourselves to become distracted and fleetingly led from one debate to another while shadowy figures are left alone to do what they will within the system. As citizens and as media, we must be more actively concerned with monitoring the day-to-day actions of our governing bodies in order to assure that maximum good is being achieved.

Every great masterpiece is nothing more than a collection of strokes—let’s start looking more closely.