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Balls Out: NFL Teams Battered with Injuries

    This weekend gave way to several devastating blows to many football teams throughout the National Football League (NFL.) An immense number of crucial players were carted off the field with either multiple week-long or season ending injuries.

    According to NFL analyst Ross Tucker, “this is probably, so far this season, by far the worst day we’ve had in terms of injuries–and in big name players … They’re all out for the season, I mean you’re talking about perennial pro-bowlers across the board and it’s tough.”

    The big names to go down are as follows:

    Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler’s game ended after being sacked by Redskins’ lineman Chris Baker. His MRI occurred earlier Monday and the Bears have confirmed comments that Cutler is out with a torn muscle in his groin for “at least” four weeks.

    Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts’ veteran receiver is officially out for the season with a torn ACL. This mortifying injury occurred with only 7:45 to go in the fourth quarter receiving a pass from young quarterback Andrew Luck. Wane has played pretty much uninterrupted since 2001, with the longest game streak of active NFL players at 189.

    Brian Cushing, Houston Texans’ linebacker has survived two weeks longer than his last season. In 2012, Cushing suffered a season ending ACL tear during week five. This year, unfortunately, Cushing is out in week seven with a torn LCL and broken leg. He received the injury from a low block from Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles. Cushing is most likely to be placed on injured reserve and, again, not participate in the majority of his season.

    The Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley had arguably the most nerve-racking injury of the day. Less than a month prior to date, Finley was out for a short while due to a concussion. This time, Finley had his head low as he was tackled. Finley remained motionless for minutes before he was carried off on a stretcher. According to Fox Sports, he was able to walk around the hospital a little on Monday and it is unknown when he will return to the game.

    Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles was stepping in for Michael Vick (out for a hamstring injury) when he also underwent head trauma. Foles was concussed and replaced with rookie Matt Barkley. Barkley threw three interceptions, leaving the Eagles with both their players and their hopes hurt.

    St Louis Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford has been performing to the best of his abilities this season and it has been paying off. His expected base salary for 2014 was a whopping 14 million, with the possibility of a contract extension. This number is now uncertain, as he also received a season ending ACL tear against the Carolina Panthers.

    These are a few among many serious injuries to the NFL this weekend. Ben Reiter, a staff writer of Sports Illustrated says that Cutler’s fate is the most detrimental in terms of what it will do to the team. Although their defense has been struggling, their offense has been number two in scoring for the NFL– that will be difficult to maintain without Cutler’s presence. Staff writer of MMQB, Jenny Vrentas says that Reggie Wayne—as QB Andrew Luck’s favorite target—is the most devastating loss.

    The effects of the injuries will be seen the upcoming weeks. For now, my deepest condolences to all you Fantasy Footballers out there, it’s a pretty terrible week for bros everywhere.

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