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The Grace Space: How to Feast Like a King

    Because we’re already in the third week of school (time flies when you’re crying in the library), you may be getting kind of lazy in terms of that whole food situation. Sure, you’re supposed to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and get all of your nutrients, but you know what? Going down to The Cave and getting Ben & Jerry’s is so much better. I mean, have you had Americone Dream? It almost makes me forget that our government shut down.

    Whether or not you want to eat ice cream for every meal, I do have some tips and tricks for all of you to continue to live off of delicious food–even though it may mean you have to venture outside of your dorm once in a while.

    Utilize that meal plan

    For real though, do you think you’re ever going to eat sushi every night for the rest of your life? Reality check: you’re not. Sure, it may be kind of tedious to go to the same place every day for the same options that were there the day before, but hey, if you or your parents bought a meal plan, you really should not complain. Instead, get creative! Don’t just stick with the same food you always eat—try the Hearty Classics station for mashed potatoes and grilled veggies, or head over to the Soup Counter when they have Corn Chowder and go to town. As a wise vlogger once said, if you’re bored, you’re probably boring–so spice it up!

    There are more places to eat on campus than just C Street

    I have to admit, I have spent way too much time at C Street over the last few years. It’s the biggest eatery on campus, yes, and it has a ton of awesome choices, but it’s not the only food I could be eating. If you think The Byte and The Bottom Line just have coffee, think again; their respective strawberry nutella sandwiches and baked cheese are delicious (even though they may not necessarily be healthy). If you haven’t been to the Bistro as of yet, go and attack their dessert menu without care—you may regret it in the morning, but hey, you’re young.

    Go to the store

    You may have a meal plan, but you know what everywhere has? Grocery stores. Whether you need a more standard grocery store like QFC or Safeway, or a specialized one like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, they are all within walking distance, and will definitely provide you with the ingredients or food stuffs to make you feel like a grown-up.Yay!

    Get a job and buy your own food

    This step kind of correlates with the last step, but for real, buying your own food with your own money has a sense of satisfaction that you don’t really feel elsewhere (unless you’re watching Real Housewives). Seriously, when you go to Trader Joe’s to buy their mac ‘n’ cheese or challah and don’t have to run to the nearest ATM, you feel a sense of accomplishment. And, when you prepare your own food yourself, there’s an even greater sense of accomplishment. Trust me, this will make your parents very pleased.

    Go off campus (A.K.A. treat yo’ self)

    While you could explore our campus or head to the nearest grocery store, why not go to one of the many restaurants in the area after a long week of classes? Some of my neighborhood favorites include Poquito’s, Oddfellow’s and Annapurna, but there are definitely way more places to find exactly what you want to eat. Sure, going out every night is unlikely (don’t even try it), but treating yo’ self is important, so do it at least sometimes! It will be marvelous.

    I hope those ideas have helped for all of you, and if not, then just wear that Burger King crown you still have from five years ago while you eat your ramen. I won’t judge, promise.

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